ClientRimlight Studio


Type: Video Game

Service: Original Music Composition for Trailer, Gameplay and Menu, Sound Design, Sound FX

Shinesoundtracks is proud to announce that Zheros (the new action game produced by Rimlight Studios) is available for Xbox One and for PC on STEAM! We developed ZHEROS’ music and sound effects. Zheros is downloadable for free until February 15 for Xbox One, according to the “Games with Gold” program.

Watch the launch trailer

Described as a 3D action browler, Zheros follows the tradition of the side scrolling beat’em up games. Developed within a sci-fi setting and in a cartoon style, it features single player and co-op mode as well. Both the soundtrack and the sound design are totally customized and have been created and produced by the Shinesoundtracks Team. Shinesoundtracks is theShine Records‘s team involved in music and sound design production for entertainment industry and is formed by the composer Giovanni Dall’Ò and the sound design Vera Sorrentino.

“I’ve composed an electronic soundtrack in order to enhance the music experience for each game level – said Giovanni Dall’Ò – I talked to each one of the game developers and I did my best to get in the production mood composing a modern, frenzied and funny soundtrack to live up their expectations. I hope I’ve nailed it! It is a futuristic / EDM / Dubstep style dynamic soundtrack, which varies according to the gameplay levels. During the development, agree with Rimlight staff, we decided to realize an adaptive music that changed according to the number of enemies on the screen. Zheros has two worlds, formed by several levels, so we created an adaptive soundtrack both for the first and the second world. Because of the length of gameplay of both worlds, in the end, we decided to compose also two additional adaptive music. We composed also three music for the final bosses and one for the main menu and so now we have a soundtrack of 52 minutes, consisting of 12 tracks.”

Through unknown galaxies, you will follow the adventures of Captain Dorian and Mike, two intergalactic agents who fight against the crime. Their mission? To rescue the universe from the wicked Doctor Vendetta and mess up his plans to turn every living creature in his own minion.

“To Bring the characters into life giving them a personality – explained Vera Sorrentino – was very exciting; to create sound effects, voices, noises, using SFX in order to realize a natural and realistic sound: this is the job that I love! The main purpose was to find sound effects that would make the game easily recognizable. This is for us the first experience at this international level and, more than an “arrival point”, we consider it a “starting point” to understand how to improve and offer a better service to video games developers, realizing more attractive and qualitative music and sound design.”

Shinesoundtracks also arranged the music and the sound design of GDC 2015 and Launch Trailers.

“ZHEROS was born from the growing desire to set up a beat’em up game, that would be grounded to the roots of videogame classics. In our team we are all fans of this kind of games, so giving birth to Zheros was a natural consequence of our background as gameplayers- They said at Rimlight Studios. 

San Francisco. In the first days of March was presented at the Game Development Conference 2015 a trailer of the videogame “.  Zeros is an hack & slash game, completely made in Italy, presented at GDC 2015 as part of the ID@Xbox program. It will be available in 2015 for Xbox One, PS4 and Windows. Dall’Ò have composed the music for the launch trailer and now he is composing the rest of the soundtrack (the music that runs in loop in the early stages of the game and the one included in the menu of the videogame) meanwhile Vera Sorrentino is developing the entire sound design: the sounds of individual characters, as the voices, footsteps, fists, gunshots etc. we are very excited about this project.

See ZHEROS trailer